Monday, October 09, 2006


Landing Gear

When I built my -9A, I found I spent a lot of time on the floor trying to align the wheel spats and fairings. I was never designed to work like that, and I did not find it a particularly easy task. This time I am going to try the following.

If I place the engine frame in the horizontal plane the wheel fairings need to be exactly in the vertical plane. It then seems relativly easy to define the vertical with a plumb bob, so I know how to align the wheel fairings. I have never heard of anyone doing it this way. I wonder if there are any pitfalls. I think I will ask on VANS airforce.

My task is made a bit more complicated because I am using oversize tyres. These are 380x150-5. It is 15" dia and 6" wide. I am not the first to use them in the UK. Clearly I will have a little tyre more sticking out of the bottom, and will loose a couple of MPH, but the ground contact area will be much increased enabling my -4 to handle soft ground much better. Nearly everywhere I land is grass so it will be a significant advantage.

Assembling the items on the axle seemed more complicated than the last time I did it. It ended up like this. I was pleased to have a Supercub, with Cleveland brakes, in my hanger just outside the workshop door. VANS plan leaves a little to be desired on this point. I think the second one will be easier.

At the close of play today (that is a cricket term for Colonial readers) it looked like this.
I guess I need to tidy up! Never my strong point.

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